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BEER OF THE FESTIVAL 2015: AYR – Betty and the Gardens

The 17th Ayrshire Real Ale Festival will be held from Thursday 6th- Saturday 8th October 2016, as usual in Troon Concert Hall.

Our Second bar will be a ……..  A floorplan of the festival layout can be viewed here.

Our Tutored Tasting session on Friday afternoon at 5pm is now fully subscribed. Please check at the CAMRA products stall for any late availability, and to make your payment of £5.

Our twitter feed for the festival will remain the same – @troonbeerfest using the hashtag #troonbeer

2014 Timelapse from Day 1, Thursday (Noon – 10pm in 24 seconds):

2014 Timelapse from Day 2: Friday (Noon – 11.15pm in 3 minutes)

Some photos of previous year’s festival can be viewed on the Photos page, and are also on our Facebook page – please sign up for it for regular updates. A video of last year’s pipe band – Irvine & District can be viewed here: click for video

Any general queries – contact us at feedback@ayrshirebeerfestival.co.uk

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